Volkswagen’s R division is mulling production of performance-centric EVs

Volkswagen’s R division is mulling production of performance-centric EVs

According to a recent Autocar magazine report, German automaker Volkswagen’s R performance division is presently exploring the possibility of producing performance-centric electric vehicles (EVs) in the future.

The report is based on the information shared by Volkswagen R division’s chief Jost Capito, during the course of a recent interview with Autocar.

Capito told Autocar that in case Volkswagen finally ends up producing an R performance-oriented electric car, the vehicle will be “a proper R, or else it wouldn't make sense.” He said that the ‘finding balance’ between performance and range is the main aspect under consideration by Volkswagen, before the R badge is affixed on an EV.

Capito also added that the R division apparently has a targeted timeline for the potential arrival of an R electric car on the market. However, he said that the division is refraining from making any official announcement of the vehicle just yet because the projected timeline may change due to the rapid pace of development.

The Autocar report indicates that the R performance division of Volkswagen will apparently continue alongside the automaker’s electrification efforts, and even after the automaker makes a switch to the production of EVs.

Volkswagen has already marked its first foray into performance EVs by launching its I.D. R Pikes Peak all-electric race car. In June 2018, the all-electric race car achieved the targeted feat behind its production --- breaking the Pikes Peak hill climb record!