UK vehicle rental and leasing firms pledge to increase their EV fleet

UK vehicle rental and leasing firms pledge to increase their EV fleet

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has recently committed to a substantial increase in its electric-vehicle (EV) fleet by the year 2025.

Making the commitment on behalf of UK’s vehicle rental and leasing firms, the BVRLA said that the association pledges to increase its present fleet of 50,000 units of plug-in vehicles -- including hybrids and pure electric vehicles -- to 720,000 units over the next seven years.

The ‘EV fleet increase’ pledge by the BVRLA -- which has 900 members -- has come close on the heels of the British Government’s recently published ‘Road to Zero Strategy,’ which aims at ensuring that at least 50% new car sales in the country by 2030 are ultra-low emission vehicles.

According to the BVRLA, the association’s pledge related to increase in EV fleet would largely depend on more support from the government for an increased adoption of plug-in vehicles’ technology. The support expected by the BVRLA from the government is chiefly in the form of company car tax incentives from 2020, as well as developing EV charging infrastructure to enable businesses to deploy big fleets of plug-in vehicles.

Towards that end, BVRLA CEO Gerry Keaney said: “Fleets are ready to make a large-scale transition to zero-emission motoring, providing that the Government can match their ambition with a supportive tax regime and more help with charging infrastructure.”