Tesla to stay away from 350 kW charge rate; Supercharger will max out at ~250 kW

Tesla to stay away from 350 kW charge rate; Supercharger will max out at ~250 kW

During Tesla’s first-quarter 2018 conference call this week, CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel asserted that the charge rate of Tesla Superchargers will max out at ~250 kW. As new fast-charging technologies are emerging, automobile companies are working on higher capacity supercharging stations.

The disclosure by the two top Tesla executives implies that the company apparently does not have any plans to compete with Porsche and other automakers who are bringing 350 kW charging technology to the market. The executives also clarified that they are talking about passenger cars which have fairly small battery packs, currently capped at approximately 100 kWh.

Against the backdrop of Porsche’s 350 kW charging technology, Straubel said on the recent conference call that Tesla is capable of producing a battery pack which “could charge at faster than 300, 400 kW;” and also added alongside that such a charging technology is “not a very useful trade-off to the customer.”

According to Musk, a 350 kW charger “doesn’t actually make a ton a sense” unless electric vehicles have “a monster battery pack or have like a crazy high C-rate,” in which case a vehicle’s energy density will be extremely low.

Musk also said that, as of now, Tesla plans to stay away from a 350 kW charge rate for passenger vehicles. He asserted that Tesla presently sees a path to 200 or 250 kW, but also added that the company is “definitely going to be improving the Supercharger technology.”