Tesla: European EV owners now undertake longer journeys due to ‘Superchargers’

Tesla: European EV owners now undertake longer journeys due to ‘Superchargers’

New data released by electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors has revealed that the proliferation of ‘Superchargers’ across Europe and Ireland has given the drivers of electric vehicles (EVs), the confidence to undertake long journeys.

Going by the indications for Tesla’s new data, the increasing number of ‘Superchargers’ for EV charging have encouraged EV owners in Europe and Ireland to venture much further abroad than ever before.

So far as the frequent charging requirement of EVs is concerned, Tesla claims that although most of the EV owners undertake daily commutes in their vehicles after charging them at home, an increasing number of EV owners are now adding up big mileage on long journeys because of the availability of charging facility at the Superchargers.

According to the figures shared by Tesla, nearly 850 million electric kilometres have thus far been fuelled by the network of Superchargers in Europe; with ‘range anxiety’ no longer bothering EV owners.

To explain the ‘850 million electric kilometres’ figure from another perspective, Tesla has said that the figure is equivalent of driving 21,000 times around the Earth, or more than 1,100 trips back-and-forth to the Moon.