SEAT launches all-electric car-sharing service in Barcelona

SEAT launches all-electric car-sharing service in Barcelona

In an announcement made via a press release, SEAT -- one of the main brands of the Volkswagen Group -- has revealed that it is launching a new electric car-sharing service in Barcelona.

Announcing the launch of its new electric car-sharing service, SEAT said that its all-electric eMii prototypes will be used for the service. The eMii prototypes are basically SEAT-branded editions of Volkswagen’s e-Up.

According to the details released by SEAT, the eMii prototypes are equipped with 18.7 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery packs. Outfitted with 60 kW electric drivetrains, the prototypes are capable of delivering an all-electric range of nearly 160 kilometers (~100 miles) on a full charge of the battery.

SEAT has also said that the batteries of the eMii prototypes “take 8 hours to charge at slow recharging points, and 35 minutes at the fast charge points.”

About its electric car-sharing service launched in Barcelona, SEAT said that the service will enable the users to reserve a car from the company’s fleet with the help of a mobile app. Once the users have reserved a car, a digital key will be sent to them via the system. The digital key will basically do away with the requirement of a physical key because it will give the users a ‘single click’ access to the reserved car.