Robert Allan unveils ‘RAlly 1600-E’ all-electric pilot boat

Robert Allan unveils ‘RAlly 1600-E’ all-electric pilot boat

A new all-electric pilot boat -- called ‘RAlly 1600-E’ -- has been recently unveiled by naval engineering firm Robert Allan which mainly manufactures boats for specialty use, such as tug and barge transportation.

Since pilot boats are used for the purpose of transporting maritime pilots from land to the inbound/outbound ships which they are piloting, Robert Allan’s new ‘RAlly 1600-E’ all-electric pilot boat will unfold an emission-free mode of transportation for ferrying pilots to their boats.

The electrification of pilot boats appears to be quite a viable option with the present state of batteries because the distances usually covered by these boats are fairly short, though they can vary.

According to the information shared by Robert Allan, the use of the ‘RAlly 1600-E’ electric boat will essentially be restricted to pilot transportation jobs in which a maximum distance of 5 nautical miles has to be covered. The firm elaborated that running the electric boat for short distances will ensure that the boat has a safe reserve of at least 30% of its battery capacity.

The new ‘RAlly 1600-E’ all-electric pilot boat is 16 meters in length; with its electric motors powered by a massive 815 kWh battery system comprising 70 modules of Spear SMAR-11N-224 units. The boat can accommodate 2 crew members and transport 4 pilots. It can achieve a top speed of 20 knots, thanks to its two 500 kW permanent magnet electric motors.