Renault introduces new global A-segment, SUV-inspired electric vehicle

Renault introduces new global A-segment, SUV-inspired electric vehicle

In a recent announcement, French automaker Renault has presented an ‘affordable’ all-electric crossover, which it has described as “a new global A-segment, SUV-inspired electric vehicle.” The new electric vehicle (EV) unveiled by the automaker is called the ‘Renault K-ZE.’

Presenting the new Renault K-ZE all-electric crossover, Carlos Ghosn -- Chairman and CEO of Groupe Renault -- said that the vehicle is an “affordable” and “urban” electric model introduced by Groupe Renault which is “the European leader in electric vehicles.”

Ghosn further added that the newly-unveiled Renault K-ZE all-electric crossover marks a combination of “the best of Groupe Renault.” He further elaborated that the vehicle brings together the automaker’s leadership in the EV arena, along with its expertise in manufacturing ‘affordable’ vehicles as well as in forging significant partnerships.

In unveiling the new K-ZE electric crossover, Renault did not share much information about the vehicle in terms of its specifications and pricing. However, the automaker revealed that the driving range of the vehicle will be 250km (155 miles) NEDC.

The Renault K-ZE all-electric crossover is apparently scheduled for launch in 2019. Renault plans to launch the vehicle first in the Chinese market, and later expand its availability to the European market in 2020.