Lyft aims at turning its global operations “carbon neutral”

Lyft aims at turning its global operations “carbon neutral”

In an April 19 blog post on Medium, ride-hailing company Lyft has announced that it plans to make its worldwide operation “carbon neutral” by purchasing enough carbon credits. The announced move by Lyft is highly noteworthy because the company is already known for being more environmentally aware as compared to its rival Uber, which is the biggest ride-hailing service in the world.

The carbon credits which Lyft plans to purchase will entail a cost of several million dollars per year for the ride-hailing company. Those carbon credits will likely counteract over one million tons of carbon emissions every year. As such, Lyft’s move will be as good as the plantation of tens of millions of trees or the reduction in the number of cars on roads by hundreds of thousands.

With regard to Lyft’s plan to make its global operations “carbon neutral,” the company’s co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green said in the recent blog post that climate change presents “a clear and immediate threat” to the world. They further added that though vehicles in the future will operate with clean energy, climate change is “happening now,” and, hence, “Action cannot wait.”

Zimmer and Logan Green also asserted that Lyft’s next action is “to immediately offset the carbon emissions from all rides globally,” and announced via the April 19 blog post: “This is an ongoing commitment, meaning that any Lyft ride from now on will be carbon neutral.”