Electrified track for in-road charging opens in Sweden

Electrified track for in-road charging opens in Sweden

In a recent announcement, the eRoadArlanda consortium has revealed that it has opened an electric car charging road which it has developed in Sweden. The consortium includes vehicle manufacturer DAF, technology companies, property developers, and academic institutions.

The electric car charging road opened by eRoadArlanda is a 1.2 mile-long stretch on the outskirts of Stockholm. The road on which the electrified track has been installed connects a cargo terminal near the Arlanda airport to the close-by Rosersberg logistics area.

With the electrified track now open, a specially-developed fleet of trucks has started operating on it. The trucks have been developed specifically for eRoadArlanda’s project, and they comprise the first fully-electric powered truck fleet in Sweden.

When the trucks move on the road, they can avail the benefit of in-road charging system as 50-metre lengths of the track get electrified. The amount of electricity used by each truck while getting charged on road is tracked, and the user/owner of the truck has to pay for it.

Revealing that the in-road charging system facilitates the transfer of energy to specially designed vehicles from an electrified track on the surface of the road, eRoadArlanda Chairman Hans Säll told Dezeen that the in-road charging system is cheaper than overhead charging because it can be “implemented in the existing infrastructure;” and added: “As far as we know, it's the most cost-efficient electric road technology so far.”