Chinese automakers aspiring to go global

Chinese automakers aspiring to go global

The recent display of a new hybrid SUV by Lynk & Company to electric car enthusiasts in Amsterdam is an apparent indication of the fact that China’s ambitious auto industry is set to go global.

The unveiling of the new hybrid SUV by Lynk & Co. came at a blacked-out warehouse. The move has set the scene for a first-of-its-kind development in which a Chinese-branded car will be manufactured in Western Europe for sale in the region, with the eventual goal of hitting the showrooms in the US.

The aspirations of Chinese automakers to go global are being spearheaded by Geely Group’s billionaire owner Li Shufu. China is aiming at becoming one of the major forces in the electric automobile market, by becoming a significant fourth player in the global auto industry, alongside the present Big Three --- the US, Germany and Japan.

To set the pace for taking China’s car revolution to a global scale, at least four Chinese carmakers have efforts underway to commence car sales in the US in 2019, along with three Chinese-owned start-ups --- SF Motors Inc., Byton, and NIO.

In addition, electric buses are being manufactured by BYD Co. in California; the testing of autonomous-driving big trucks has been commenced by Beijing-based TuSimple Inc. in Arizona; and Baidu Inc. is teaming up Microsoft Corp., Nvidia Corp., and TomTom NV on a self-driving platform.