Candela’s C-8 electric boat already selling better than fossil fuel-powered boats

Candela’s C-8 electric boat already selling better than fossil fuel-powered boats

Stockholm, Sweden-headquartered boat builder Candela’s recently launched C-8 electric hydrofoil boat is already selling better than its gas-powered counterparts. The C-8 is a 28-foot-long pleasure boat that relies only on electric power instead of relying on a conventional fossil fuel such as diesel or gasoline. However, it literally flies above the surface of water on a couple of hydrofoils.

The electric boat uses a soundless new thruster called the C-POD, which has also been designed and developed by Swedish boat builder. Each of its two counter-rotating propellers gets power from an individual motor that is fully submerged under the water. The manufacturer says that it developed the C-POD as part of a new design philosophy that shifts its hand-built assembly into mass production.

The C-8 is a larger and better equipped than the C-7, but the manufacturer has successfully kept its price unchanged. The C-8 has been launched with a starting price tag of €290,000, which is nearly twice the cost of equivalent gas-powered boats.

Despite the fact that gas-powered boats cost half the price of C-8, Candela sold more units of the electric boat than the gas-powered boats. Within just six weeks of its launch, the manufacturer has sold more than 60 units of the C-8. Candela’s new electric boat is apparently on track to outsell other best-selling boats from rival manufacturers, which usually sell 100 to 120 boats every year.

A senior executive representing Candela said, “The C-8 is the second or third most sold powerboat in the 28-foot category in Scandinavia. Not just electric boats, but any type of power source. By year’s end, we expect to have a real impact on combustion engine boat sales in this size category.”

The C-POD drivetrain of the C-8 is almost maintenance-free as the manufacturer is offering a 3,000-hour free maintenance cycle. A typical gas-powered boat gets just around 100 hours of free maintenance. Moreover, the new EV is roughly 95 per cent cheaper to operate than a typical gas-powered boat.

The C-8 also comes loaded with a number of important specs and features. Below the deck, there is a cabin equipped with comfy sofa for four people that can easily be converted into sleeping for two adults and two kids. It also offers a premium sound system, a 15.4-inch high-resolution touchscreen for navigation & controls, and a bathroom with toilet and a freshwater shower.