Bosch reveals its second ‘electrified semitrailer’ project involving regenerative braking

Bosch reveals its second ‘electrified semitrailer’ project involving regenerative braking

Germany-based auto parts giant Bosch has unveiled a new electrification program which marks the company’s second ‘electrified semitrailer’ project. Under the project, the electrification of semitrailers being conducted by Bosch involves the addition of regenerative braking on the axles of semitrailers.

Revealing that the new semitrailer electrification project will be presented at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, Bosch said that the presentation of the project will include the demonstration of the company’s new electrified semitrailer axles, along with electric motors and batteries which can be integrated into semitrailers.

About its new semitrailer electrification system, Bosch said that the system will enable trucks to make an estimated yearly saving of $10,000. In that regard, the company explained that the incorporation of an electrical machine into the axles of a semitrailer will facilitate the generation of electricity during braking, and feed the electricity into the trailer’s power units.

Describing the electrical axle as “an important step toward automated trailer parking on logistics companies’ parking lots,” Bosch said: “Adding a powertrain to the axle means that the trailer can be shunted around the parking lot without a tractor.”

Bosch has revealed that its new electrification system will be available for new trailers as well as for retrofitting of existing trailers.