Audi releases new images to showcase towing capacity of e-tron quattro SUV

Audi releases new images to showcase towing capacity of e-tron quattro SUV

German automaker Audi has released new images of its forthcoming all-electric e-tron quattro SUV, to highlight the vehicle’s towing capacity. The e-tron quattro SUV is scheduled for an official launch by the automaker by the end of 2018.

Audi has, in recent weeks, introduced the newest prototype of the e-tron quattro SUV. At that unveiling, the automaker had confirmed that the vehicle will have a more ‘realistic’ range of ~250 miles. It has also said that the ‘starting price’ of the e-tron quattro SUV in Germany would be ‘€80,000.’

With Audi occasionally sharing some new bits of information about the upcoming all-electric e-tron quattro SUV, the latest images released by the automaker show the vehicle pulling a trailer with the automaker’s recently-unveiled e-tron Vision Gran Turismo electric race car.

While the actual towing capacity of the e-tron quattro SUV have not been officially confirmed by Audi, the automaker has revealed that the vehicle will be outfitted with a 95 kWh battery pack and three electric motors capable of delivering a total output of 320 kW. The vehicle also has the ability of DC fast-charging up to 150 kW.

Although Audi has yet to confirm the performance specifications of the e-tron quattro SUV, it is being projected that the vehicle will be fairly quick with great torque vectoring, thanks to its three independent motors.

After moving slowly in the electric vehicle segment for the past few years, German automobile companies have stepped up efforts and investment in the segment. This will improve the customer response for electric vehicles as marketing & distribution network of German automobile majors is far superior to that of Tesla Motors.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been successful in creating buzz and demand for Tesla vehicles but automobile industry analysts warn that Tesla could face stiff competition from German automobile companies jumping in the EV segment with big budgets.