AddEnergie to deploy curbside EV charging infrastructure in Canadian cities

AddEnergie to deploy curbside EV charging infrastructure in Canadian cities

Canadian EV charging station manufacturer AddEnergie has announced a new project under which it will deploy curbside charging station infrastructure for EVs in different cities of Canada. The move will apparently enable a faster adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada’s urban areas.

According to the announcement, 100 new EV charging stations made for curbside parking will be deployed in several Canadian cities through AddEnergie’s ‘FLO’ charging network. At these charging stations, specifically designed for curbside installation on city streets, there will be provision for two EVs to get charged simultaneously.

For the $6.7 million project involving the deployment of the curbside charging station infrastructure, AddEnergie has received funds from Natural Resources Canada. With AddEnergie already having already deployed curbside charging stations at several areas in Montreal, in association with Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit and the City of Montréal, the company will now leverage the development of the station for its new project.

The Canadian cities which will participate in Natural Resources Canada’s new project announced by AddEnergie include: Kitchener, Waterloo, London, and Cambridge (Ontario); Surrey and Vancouver (British Columbia); and Edmonton (Alberta).

Describing the innovative curbside EV charging stations as an “emblematic of our Government’s commitment to clean technology,” Jim Carr -- Minister of Natural Resources Canada – said that the project will “help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by making it easier for more Canadians to drive electric vehicles.”