Each of our writers represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless online publishing’s potential is. We go to great lengths to satisfy the needs of our readers and offer them the latest and the most important events.

Doug Galvin's picture
Doug Galvin is commercial vehicle and EV reporter specializing in the high-tech industry in Michigan. Galvin has over fifteen years of automotive experience and has studied journalism at MSU. He has worked with Motor Trend for five years.
Bryan D Flannery's picture
Bryan D Flannery is director for commercial partnerships. Flannery is expert in corporate governance and securities law compliance. He has helped many startups at early stage and he is excited about electric vehicle revolution.
Gordon Christiansen's picture
Gordon Christiansen is strategic advisor to EV Cult, partner at Highlands and strategic marketing expert. Christiansen has over 30 years experience in building motivated and engaged teams and he is also an early stage investor in EV Cult.
Blaine Harker's picture
Blaine Harker is sales expert. He has been involved with local automobile dealerships in Sacramento with sales and marketing network. Harker is passionate about EVs, is management team member at EV Bulletin and manages sales for as well.
Michael Schwob's picture
Michael Schwob is strategic advisor and investor at EV Cult. Schwob, a mechanical engineer from University of Nevada, has helped many companies in product development. Schwob offers clear vision in strategic planning and technical excellence at EV Cult.
Justin Enthoven's picture
Justin Enthoven has been associated with automobile sector since the start of his career. He grew up in Ingolstadt and his father worked at Audi AG. He later shifted to Stuttgart but Enthoven has been tracking Tesla Motors closely for last three years.
Markus Baca's picture
Markus Baca has been associated with automobile sector for more than 12 years. He is excited about the changes automobile sector will witness with development of EV and self-driving technologies. Baca joined EV Cult in 2017 and covers US EV news.
James Esplin's picture
James Esplin strongly believes that electric vehicles and green technologies will change the future. He has been closely tracking automobile industry for last 10 years. Esplin travels a lot on his motorbike and is eagerly waiting for electric bikes.
Victor Gladwell's picture
Victor Gladwell has worked with three major automobile magazines during last 12 years. Gladwell grew up in Toronto, but later moved to Seattle and joined Seattle PI as junior reporter. Gladwell manages editorial duties at EV Cult and lives in California.
admin's picture
Paul Thomas has been associated with Digital Marketing for last 15 years. He helps EV Cult in developing Content Strategy and Digital Marketing. Thomas also works with startups in analyzing their website and app traffic for better customer outreach.